Coaching, Creativity, Culture

Keeping successful professionals on Track

We KEEP YOU ON TRACK!   That is our promise!

What does this mean?

People, teams and businesses do their best to get in a position where they perform, get appreciation and position. Once  reached this level, they tend to have little motivation to change, adapt or improve. In particular for more static environments (e.g., governments or traditional cooperations) the temptation and risk of entering -and not scratching the edge of- the comfort zone is huge. People, teams or businesses get somehow blind about the associated risk and with time get "off track", faster than anyone may think! 

We want to keep you on track!

Moreover being in the comfort zone often is associated with fear of loss as well as resistance towards change. These are mental circumstances that stand in the way  to develop and lead to stagnation and isolation. It can get pretty ugly. And it does in reality.

We want to save you from this experience!


Three ingredients are required that we deliver to you, not only separately but in a cohesive manner to make sure that you stay on track and don't enter into the temptation of the comfort zone.

  • Accepting and being humble enough to be coached
  • Get the tool kit to continuously re-invent yourself via creativity
  • Get awareness and understanding on the dynamic cultural context

These are the three ingredients that we  offer you (either manager, team or business) to stay on track.

How to start?

The answer is always it depends on where you are, how urgent the situation is and what is the goal you want to achieve. Staying on track implies the notion of having a road / goal towards one is heading. Now, often people spoiled in the comfort zone even stop thinking or challenging their goals. That's why questioning one's mission in life is most powerful way to start. However, sometimes there is no time for that or there is a perception that there is no time. Hence a more practical / pragmatic approach is required to put us back on track. In the meantime we gain time to re-adjust and re-think the goal. Let me share some circumstances that are typical for a 'keeping on track' need.

  1. Succession of a role or person, this may be the owner / founder of a business, but also of a key person in a business
  2. Merger / integration of a business or a team, this maybe a planned / wanted or a sudden / hostile
  3. Volatile business environment / this could be driven by global price developments (e.g., Oil-price) or by shifts in business models (e.g., click economy)

In the following we laid down some offerings that allow managers, teams and businesses to stay on track. Have a look and contact us for questions.

OUR offering

Consider these as examples and not exclusive - depending on your specific situation tailoring or additions are possible.

Why Coaching, Creativity and Culture?

200 years ago coaching was limited to teaching and apprenticeship in workshops, creativity was reserved to a small group of scientists and most of the population lived in mono-cultural communities.

In today’s  world, there are many types of coaching in a growing practice, creativity is becoming a necessity for the demanding work-space and people live and work in multi-cultural societies.

We believe that mastering these three elements will make you stay on track.

Let us first speak about each of these practices before sharing our view of why these three together produce the triple effect that makes the Coaching, Creativity, Culture concept unique.


Coaching is a philosophy or mindset where the goal is to grow individuals and to reach adoption by practice and endorsement rather than telling and imposing. For example we can train somehow on how to “behave” in a professional world, or we can convince that person that behaving in business is of value and that he/she has the potential to benefit from that potential.

Hence the motivation, acceptance and endorsement will be on a higher level. From that point of view coaching is the vehicle to scale any learning and to turn it into a transformative experience rather a transactional. We would even argue it is the most ...


Creativity is a term that often is associated with invention or creating new things and hence get reserved for the “research and development”, scientists or artists. This is an old school of thinking!  Modern life requires from everyone to be creative or to adopt creative ways of thinking in order to respond to the pace of modern professional and private life and to re-invent him or herself. It sounds overwhelming for people who think they are not creative The truth is that creativity -and the confidence with it- is something that can (and must) be learned.



Culture diversity is a given in the current world where migration and travel reach a level that number of visitors or so-called foreigners reach 50% or more of the exiting population. In the past businesses dealing with the cultural diversity were reserved to certain professions, e.g., travel agents, diplomats, translators, but the rest was left under the belief that other cultures are something temporary or even negative for the wealth of society (in particular in Europe).  The truth is ...

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