Creativity is a term that often is associated with invention or creating new things and hence get reserved for the “research and development” or scientists. This is an old school of thinking!  Modern life requires from everyone to be creative or to adopt creative ways of thinking in order to match the pace of modern professional and private life and to re-invent him or herself. It sounds overwhelming for people who are not creative, don’t think they are or don’t want to be. The truth is that creativity is something that can (and must) be learned.

Imagine that instead of learning history at school, creativity would be taught or instead of project management or time management, creativity will be offered in the training of companies.

This would immediately clarify that creativity and adopting creative thinking techniques is possible for everyone. It is a matter of learning and gaining some creative confidence as the Kelley brothers are calling it in their recent book. It is true that the degree and intensity of creativity varies, but it is like writing vs. being illiterate. 

3C3 has adopted the journey of creativity as a vehicle to overcome rigid and inflexible paradigms that limit creative thinking on a group of people. We invite you and your organization to continuously re-invent yourself.

Some tools we are using to stimulate creativity are lateral thinking, brainstorming and picture association. We integrate those in our workshops depending on requirement and importance.