All together

Our mission: 

Reach a transformative experience with our customers.

The three pillars of 3C³ (triple c) are coaching, creativity and culture that each alone has value and a reason for being. However only when putting them together they get the triple effect. 

Analogy from sport 

Let's use the analogy of three aspects in modern sport, agility, psychology and nutrition. If you watch a football game of the 60s or 70s you would wonder why the players are that stiff and can’t do dribbling (with the few exceptions), looking into modern training methods you see that agility and moving without the ball gained a lot of importance. Likewise with sport psychology or nutrition. Now only when you put these three things together, then you have a sport team or player that does a quantum leap compared to what was before.

The goal of 3C³ (triple c) is to reach that transformative quantum leap with clients, to inspire them to understand and adopt coaching, cultural diversity, to be creative in finding practical solutions and continuously endorse learning in the everyday life. 

This makes the journey transformative and the mission of 3C³ is to accompany its clients on this journey.