Coaching is a philosophy or mindset where the goal is to grow individuals and to reach adoption by practice and endorsement rather than telling and imposing. For example we can train somehow on how to “behave” in a professional world, or we can convince that person that behaving in business is of value and that he/she has the potential to benefit from that potential.

Hence the motivation, acceptance and endorsement will be on a higher level. From that point of view coaching is the vehicle to scale any learning and to turn it into a transformative experience rather a transactional. We would even argue it is the most effective one, even if the first results will take more time to be noticeable, on the long run coaching is also the most efficient way of that transformation.

The easiest and most tangible entry to the domain of coaching is by using the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 developed by Gallup. At 3C3 we offer strengths-certified coaching to help individuals and teams to name, claim and aim their talents and convert them into real dependable strengths.