Culture diversity is reality in the current world where migration and travel reach a level that number of visitors or so-called foreigners reach 50% or more of the existing population. In the past businesses dealing with the cultural diversity were reserved to certain professions, e.g., travel agents, diplomats, translators, but the rest was left under the belief that other cultures are something temporary or negative for the wealth of society (in particular in Europe). 

The truth is that cultural diversity is there and is almost everywhere, so trying to classify jobs, education, corporations by those who are in the business of cultural diversity and those who are mono-cultural is the biggest pitfall of any business – even those (and maybe in particular those) who think that they did succeed for decades without cultural diversity, so why shouldn’t they now. Also looking on demographics and value shifts over generations (Gen X, Y, Z) gives every business owner a hint that cultural diversity requires special attention. For the sake of keeping the the human capital -which is often seen as the most valuable asset in a business- leading the required business outcome. 

This is where we want to help. According to  research, e.g., by Gallup strong teams embrace diversity, and diversity does make strong teams. This does not happen over night. It requires understanding and endorsement of cultural diversity. It's is a journey, make it an exciting one!