Team set-up, building and coaching

The need / what is the problem?

Teams often miss the opportunity to be set-up for success. They get assigned as a group and asked to act as a team without explicit team contracts. 

The outcome is either under-performance, misunderstandings, isolation of few members and a general frustration. 

The target audience / circumstance: Senior managers founding mission-critical teams or teams with operational challenges, e.g., team with recognized operational inefficiencies.

The benefits

Using the team set-up, building and coaching approach by the 3C³ coach these symptoms are avoided right from the beginning. Team members will start with bringing in their individual strengths, interests and “important to know about me”.

The approach

Team set-up, building and coaching is typically delivered through the following: preparation call, kick-off meeting (1-2 days), up to 4 follow up calls of 60-90 minutes during the following  6-9 months

  1. Identification of team members (some preparation coaching is optional)
  2. Using of Drexler/Sibbet Model (why I am here, who I am, what are my goals, how to achieve goals) or team performance assessment
  3. Definition of a team identity
  4. Identification of individual and collective strengths
  5. Definition of team ground rules
  6. Definition of objectives
  7. Definition of team KPIs
  8. Regular follow up based on the plan and KPIs

The success / results

  • Teams following this program have got the right mutual understanding and trust level that was required for being a powerful team. 
  • Also teams with challenges, have un-knotted team challenges and turned those into productive learning experiences.
  • Last teams are having more continuity and less fire-fighting due to some challenges