CliftonStrengths of Gallup

The need

Every individual has strengths, but often the person and his/her organization are not fully aware of them. Intuitively any person will be looking for activities or projects that match some of those talents, but also is exposed to situations or duties that drain energy and are seen as weaknesses by management (or areas for development). This leads to this useless investment of developing weaknesses (or hiding them), which is not leading to good results. 

There is a need to revolutionize the approach of personal development by focusing on talents. Admitting that everyone has those and introducing a culture that looks for them and makes everyone use his/her optimally is a guaranteed recipe for success.

The benefits

When a professional is aware of his/her talents, he/she will seek for a role and projects where these talents are allowed to shine. This will lead to an excellence of performance leading to a recognition and to more engagement.

An organization will have more engaged people and teams will be working in higher alignment being aware of their talents and also their limitations.

Last but not least a rewarding for excellence culture will lead to appreciation and motivation that will bring a business a competitive edge.

The approach

For individual: 

  1. Conduct CliftonStrengths test
  2. Engage in a 3-4 session coaching with a Gallup Certified Strengths coach by 3C³
  3. As part of the coaching the individual will develop a development plan for his/her talents

For team:

  1. Manager gets the individual coaching of above
  2. Team members conduct the CliftonStrengths test
  3. The 3C³ coach will prepare the team strengths session
  4. The team will run a strengths team session
  5. The 3C³ coach will follow up with the manager

The success

The individual will gain a blind understanding of his/her strengths enabling him/her to be more effective predominately taking on the jobs that will lead to the best performance.

The manager will gain a better appreciation of the strengths of the individuals of the team members and understand the limitations of the team and make sure that the best person is selected for the job to be done.

The team members will appreciate strengths of each other and start work to rely on the strengths of their team mates.