Cross-Team insight building workshop

The need

Teams don't have mechanisms to challenge their thinking or inspire them with new ideas. Often they are limited by rigid and repetitive processes regarding training or some team building exercises where no knowledge is built.

This special offering brings two or more teams together in a competitive free environment (from different industries or functions) to dive deep in one or two pre-defined hot topics that are defined prior the workshop by the team leaders.

The benefit

Advantage: Combine learning from training and insight from applying the learning in a real situation. With this offering theoretical information will be turned into knowledge and knowledge will be turned into insights. This method is by far stronger than classical training that is often seen as theoretical, or generic workshop that get the feedback of not being relevant enough.

In this special offering we allow deep exchanges and discussion to happen to reach the insight development stage.

The approach

  1. Identifying two or more teams for the cross-team insight building workshop
  2. Understanding and reviewing needs of managers / team leaders
  3. Offering possible peers and matching the mutual team needs
  4. Preparing the workshop,
  5. Conducting the workshop
  6. Documenting and follow up

The experience being unique in terms of depth and motivation is unbeatable for smaller executive teams as well for functional leaders in multinational companies seeking for gaining impulses, inspirational ideas and a network for future exchange.

Also these workshops can be set-up within the same organization between different regional or functional teams, where one of the main goals would be to enable the organization to conduct these workshops by itself in the future


The success

Team leader of a global marketing team in B2B: “This was a one-of-a kind experience that gave the entire team an energy injection that lasted the entire year and beyond”